What is Face~ics?

Face~ics ™ is a modern version of a formulation used in ancient Egypt for enhancing the skin and helping defend against the visible signs of aging.

It incorporates natural quality organic compliant oils with a secret formulation Chris has rediscovered of extracted mono-atomic and pico minerals.

The benefit of living in a modern day world, is that Face~ics can now include salt with its precious mono-atomic minerals from salt repositories around the globe. This "global access" has made the Face~ics formula so much more effective.

Did you know?

There is a legend which says that it was the Queen of Sheba who first believed in the mystical healing powers of the Dead Sea. She learned of these salty wonders from King Solomon who has been often referred to as the wisest king.

When Cleopatra traveled from Egypt to the Dead Sea, she not only built a health spa there, but she was so impressed with the healing power of this seemingly magical resource that she also had the salt from the Dead Sea guarded by a military contingent.

It has often been suggested that the "milk" from Cleopatra's baths may have indeed been the white ORMUS minerals released from the salt and not cows milk as commonly thought.

Modern Day Face~ics

Modern day Face~ics incorporates natural organic compliant oils with Mono-Atomic and pico minerals which has been shown to have extremely positive natural anti-aging effects, especially on people's faces.

People with oily skin use less.

Those with oily skin do not need to apply as much Face~ics as people with drier faces.

For most people, and in most cases, 6-10 drops once a day, is enough to do your entire face.

Next Gen

Face~ics is the next generation of natural "Face Age" skin care.

Check out our 45 day money back guarantee.

Face~ics, buy some today and see the difference.

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