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  • Face feels soft and nourished in just a few days. - "Valentina Florida USA"
  • After several days of using Face~ics my skin looks and feels vital. - "Yohena Florida USA"
  • I feel great and I love the effect it ("Face~ics") is having on my face. - "Camilla Florida USA"
  • Day 7: I woke up and decided not to wear make-up. I just washed my face and immediately noticed my face and neck was firmer. - "Martha FL USA"
  • Day 8: Just washed my face, it is amazing how my skin has responded to the last 7 days. I am so please with the results that I cannot wait to continue applying these miracle drops every day and watch my fine lines disappear. - "Martha FL USA"

Face~ics is an amazing skin enhancer and all natural facial and body revitalization preparation available only from Emmons Essential Essence.

Face~ics has been developed after years of careful and exhaustive research into methods employed by the Ancient Egyptians who were a lot further advanced that many people realize.

Face~ics is formulated by Christine Emmons R.Ph., Pharmacist, author, senior member of the global Ormus community, member of the International Alchemy Guild, consultant, instructor and lecturer of Ormus Alchemy.

Face~ics is not new, it is just newly rediscovered.

Face~ics contains 100% all natural ingredients considered vital to nourish healthy skin and is made from a closely guarded proprietary process employed exclusively by Emmons Essential Essence LLC.

This trademarked and protected preparation includes quality organic imported oils in a proprietary Ormus extraction process.

With its simple one-step effective process, Face~ics eliminates the need for application of multiple messy and potentially harmful creams often containing beeswax which usually contains harmful toxic chemicals like pesticides, herbicides, glyphosate, fungicides and others. Face~ics has none of these toxins.

The oils are specially selected by Chris Emmons herself and must comply with her high ideological goals.

Just a few drops daily starts to work immediately and continues to work while you sleep.

You will quickly notice an improvement within just a few days and if after you have used the product for several weeks, and not noticed any changes, we offer a full money-back Guarantee (minus shipping).

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