Purse Companion (5ml)

Purse Companion is a 5ml bottle of our Faceics with a shaker top and comes with instructions and a small mylar EMF self sealing pouch.

Face~ics incorporates natural quality organic compliant oils with a secret formulation Chris Emmons has rediscovered the secret of the Ancient Egyptians in a formula that is readily absorbed by the skin and diminishes fine lines wrinkles and tightens pores.

The Faceics skin toner is available in 3 sizes, 1 oz (30ml), 2 oz (60ml) and the Purse Companion (5ml).

All 3 come with a special mylar pouch that protects the delicate trace minerals and nutrients from light and electric fields.

Using Faceics is extremely simple.

Gently massage several drops of Face~ics into your clean face for just a few minutes and your done.

Results are often observed within just a few days.

While results are often observed with a few days, it may take some people longer depending upon diet and alcohol and/or sugar intake.

The 5ml Purse Companion size is great for freshening up on the run or a short vacation.

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