Great Salt Lake Concentrate

About the Great Salt Lake Concentrate.

Purpose: To collect Ormus Amazing Minerals via the Wet Process


Great Salt Lake Concentrate
  • Pour the entire contents of the 4oz bottle marked Great Salt Lake Water Concentrate in a large container (approximately 1 gallon) made of non-leaded glass
  • Place a catch basin or tray underneath
  • Add 2 quarts (8 cups) of distilled water
  • Stir using a plastic cooking spoon or dedicated spatula
  • (Do not use metal stirrers or spoons in this process because metals may dissolve. This will contaminate the ORMUS)
  • The solution is ready for the next step in the "Wet Process"

* This info is for people who understand the Ormus Processes which you can obtain online from

** Some people choose to let the newly mixed liquids stand a couple hours to assimilate with each other.

Some YouTube Videos to help you further:

  1. Discovery DIY Kit Demonstration 1
  2. Discovery DIY Kit Demonstration 2
  3. Discovery DIY Kit Demonstration 3
  4. Discovery DIY Kit Demonstration 4

Great Salt Lake Concentrate

  • The Faceics Great Salt Lake Concentrate is proven to be high in Ormus content.
  • It contains most of the natural occurring minerals and trace elements essential for life.
  • It is 1.6 times heavier than normal water and loaded with over 45 vital minerals.
  • Great Salt Lake Concentrate is 16 times more concentrated than sea water or reconstituted sea salt water.
  • Thus the Great Salt Lake Concentrate yields natural Ormus that is 16 times more concentrated.
  • Great Salt Lake Concentrate, when used in the Wet Process kit, yields Ormus faster than other Salts.
  • It has been filtered and cleaned for you so it does not require you to buy any filtering equipment.

Great Value

4 ounces of Great Salt Lake Concentrate yields 6 (Six) 8 ounce bottles of finished Ormus after washing, settling and adjusting to palate.

This means that at current market prices of $50.00/8oz, you save over $200.00 collecting your own Ormus with our Great Salt Lake Concentrate.

That makes Ormus collected from Great Salt Lake Very economical.

** Plus you get a free comprehensive 4 part video. See Part 1 of the video here.

About the Great Salt Lake

Our Great Salt Lake Concentrate is easy to work with.

There is no need to worry about "Gilchrist" toxins, heavy metals, other pollutants, or excess Magnesium or sodium as with other sea salts. These elements have been adjusted in Great Salt Lake Concentrate.

Our "Great Salt Lake Concentrate" is low sodium having had 99.5% of the sodium removed.Back to Last Page

Great Salt Lake Concentrate is a super concentrated miracle salt water.

This amazing salt water is extracted from the Great Salt Lake where water flows all summer long.

It flows over the rocks down from the mountains into the lake where the largest natural aquifer in the United States empties.

This ancient lake has been accumulating the mineral salts from the mountains and the aquifer and evaporating for millennia, leaving highly concentrated very mineral-rich salt water.

The Great Salt Lake has a long history of being used for, fishing, trapping and its healing properties date back to the Indians.

Its water has been collected, concentrated, tested and excess sodium and Magnesium removed.

Samples have been submitted to over a dozen major Universities along with the US Government, FDA and EPA . It has been tested and found to be non-toxic and safe.

Most use the ORMUS made with the Wet Process within a year.Back to Last Page

ORMUS precipitate made from Great Salt Lake Concentrate has:

  • Low Sodium levels
  • Lowered Magnesium level
  • Vital elements: bromine, ruthenium, zinc, manganese, calcium, potassium, copper and Iridium
  • High Precipitate yields

If you have any questions, please contact us immediately.

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