Ormus Discovery DIY Wet Process Kit

Ormus Discovery DIY Wet Process Kit

Now from Emmons Essential Essence comes the revolutionary yet simple Ormus Discovery "DIY Wet Process Kit".

Make Ormus in you own home just like the professional Alchemists without all the fuss. Safe, Powerful, Economical, Beneficial.

All you add is a few things found around the average Kitchen, throw in love and your own positive energy and you are ready to go.

Unlock one of the major beauty secrets used by the Ancient Egyptians.

They knew one of the keys to health, healing and happiness and used it to flourish as a society thousands of years ago.

Ormus, a white milky substance contains the essential elements used by our genetic code and was the main ingredient in the bath of Cleopatra.

Christine Emmons details the basic process in her book, "Ormus Modern Day Alchemy", but has edited it out for easy to understand Discovery Kit instructions.

Plus you get a free comprehensive 4 part video. See Part 1 of the video here.

No complicated jargon, just simple informative plain language directions.

Save $$ - This Kit costs just pennies a day. Compare the cost of a monthly supply to anything on the market.

At current prices of $50 for 8oz (240ml) and you save over $200.

You will make 6 (Six) 8 ounce bottles from a single Kit. More than a year's supply.

Sell some or give it as a caring gift- and have peace of mind that you are making something that you know is safe, clean and pure.

Get the Kit today. Money Back Guarantee*.

Nothing to lose. Your life to gain.Back to Last Page

**Kit designed for single use.


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