Basics DIY Live Oil Kit

It's Here. From Emmons Essential Essence, the Basics DIY Live Oil Kit.

Make ORMUS at home simply and easily. No messy chemicals. Safe and simple, Satisfaction guaranteed.

ORMUS "Basics".

Basics DIY Live Oil Kit

Unlock the secret of the Ancients to health, healing and happiness in your own home. The Egyptians knew the secret thousands of years ago.

Now you too can live like Royalty in a few simple steps.

Christine Emmons demystifies the magic of the Ancient Egyptians with her exclusive Ormus Live Oil Kit.

You might have heard about it on TV or the Web, but now you can Make ORMUS in a few simple steps-right in your very own home.

All Natural and Organic.

Made from 100% pure grape seed oil and Emmons Essential Essence certified Ormus source Himalayan salt.

Apply it to skin irritations or rub it in to relieve aching muscles-penetrates deep.

Excellent as an evening facial preparation or use it during the day to protect and moisturize dry skin.

Many "drizzle" over their favorite foods to get their daily dose of ORMUS.

Couples love it for a sensual message.Back to Last Page

Unconditional money-back guarantee. Order Today.

Nothing to lose. Your life to gain. Buy today.

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