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Face~ics is an ancient Egyptian skin enhancement formulation, which contains the once lost secret knowledge of ORMUS extraction that is combined with natural quality organic compliant oils.

This all natural facial and body revitalization formulation - available only from Emmons Essential Essence - has been provide by Christine Emmons R.Ph., pharmacist and internationally renowned author, after many years studying the ancient subject of ORMUS, when she stumbled across this ancient secret formula.

Carefully prepared with great reverence, the feedback on Face~ics has been truely awesome.

The vitality contained within the Face~ics product itself, is felt from the moment you apply it to your face.

When used as directed, many will experience a difference in the look and feel of their skin in as little as 48 hours. People who have used Face~ics express joy at the results even within 24 hours in many cases.

We are pleased to share the benefits of Face~ics with you and all whom you care about.

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Christine Emmons R.Ph
Emmons Essential Essence LLC

About Chris Emmons

Internationally renowned author and pharmacist Christine Emmons, R.Ph.,** has a passion for wellness and vitality.

Since graduating from the School of Pharmacy in Michigan, Chris has studied and shared ways and methods to achieve her wellness and vitality goals. Since moving to South Florida, Ms Emmons continues to follow the steps of a holistic Pharmacist.

Along her chosen path of helping people, Chris learned of natural nutrients and minerals that have many life enhancing benefits which were not well known by the general public. These amazing and critically needed minerals are called ORMUS.

For many years, Chris has patiently and patently researched these critically needed nutrients and the many different methods to collect them. Chris has led many group gatherings about ORMUS as well as writing the definitive book on the ORMUS subject - which has often referred to as the ORMUS Bible - can be found here at**.

With a huge International following, Chris imparts her personal knowledge worldwide as she consults, lectures and facilitates at ORMUS Group meetings***.

Until now, Chris has shared her knowledge in groups and private meetings while personally developing her amazing skin firming and conditioning face product for her own use - and for her friends.

The product evolved into a more complex formulation based on the ancient knowledge Chris stumbled upon, that was in reality so amazing that Chris realized that here was a way to share her incredible skin enhancement formulation which everyone could enjoy and have benefit.

These thoughts and concepts eventually crystalized into the Face~ics amazing skin enhancer formulation and the start up of Emmons Essential Essence LLC where Chris guarantees that you will like the results – or your money back. See her refund guarantee here.

Please do not miss an opportunity to have your own supply of Face~ics.

Buy now, Use Face~ics as directed and please write us with your testimonial.

Warm Regards

Chris Emmons
Emmons Essential Essence LLC

  • ** Ormus:
    Modern Day Alchemy-Primer of the Ormus collection process by Christine Emmons, R. Ph.,
    Copyright 2009 Chris Emmons

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